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For a region of emerging markets, nothing comes easy – with the exception of a grand imagination of possibilities.

on location in malaysia

“The butterflies in Malaysia are actually fairies in disguise.”
– Unknown

the basic gists of

filming in malaysia

Drop a pin on the map and perhaps one may give Malaysia a miss; however, that would be inopportune. Situated in between Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, Malaysia offers a diverse landscape that ranges from cultural urban cities to rainforests, the open seas and tropical rainforests. 

Cash Rebate

30% cash rebate for all Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure


Domestic and Foreign Productions are both honoured


Featured Animation, Animation Series, Documentary, Featured Films and TV Series

Additional Rebates

5% additional rebate when featuring Malaysian Cultural Elements (T&Cs apply)


FINAS film production license, copyright, location permits, etc. 


Production to be majority foreign-owned with a Malaysian producer

production support

No production has ever made it to the screen – big, small, commercial or streaming platform – without a support system of incredible individuals who come together to realise a paper vision.

Get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate together to tell evoking stories that will last for generations.

our work, our b'onder-man

“I don’t make films specifically for Malaysia, but I make films to tell you something about humanity.”
– Yasmin Ahmad

An animated series currently in production, vying for release in 2025.

XZV Studio’s contemporary and corporate showreel.

Showcasing visual effects, animation, gaming, and more…

Visual Effects in the making from Flystudio.

A reel on gaming possibilities, created in Malaysia.

Specialising in animation and visual effect.

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project antem

XZV Studio, along with three industry players in filming, production, gaming and distribution, will be focused on Project ANTEM 2023 – Southeast Asia’s largest full spec Motion Capture, Unreal Engine and xR Studios. To learn more about this project, click Subscribe below or contact our people via Contact Us.