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our mission

stories from southeast asia

There are stories to be told from a region emerging from its histories of adversities, developmental changes and ingenuity. Beyond the mainstream headlines, we invite producers, filmmakers and storytellers from all over the world to take a glimpse into the wonderment that makes up Southeast Asia – beyond the travel catalogue.

our vision

to add value in creatives

As the region become known for its treatment and unique methodology of storytelling, it is impertinent that investment and attention continue to flow into the industry. With the landscape of production changing rapidly across the world, the region of Southeast Asia – Malaysia, in speaking – will be spending the next few years adjusting to the pace of international players. The race has started and we’ve joined in to mark our places. It is with a clear vision that tomorrow is a brighter future, paved today.

our mates in frames

The who is who; what is what. 

timo, director
ig. @xzvstudio
vivian, writer
in. @viviansyc
jeff, asst. director
ig. @xzvstudio
rc, graphic designer
ig. @fluffyfuries_

you're in good company

The players in the game that we play with.

Framemotion Studio

FrameMotion Studio is a full-fledged 360° integrated consultancy specialized delivering immersive and interactive experiences for marketing, digital communication, events, community engagements and everything else you can imagine.

Aeonsparx Interactive

Aeonsparx Interactive Sdn Bhd is a digital interactive media production company, a marriage of creativity and technology. We are always on the diversity for creativity and ideas, pursuing bleeding-edge technologies, while seeking to venture in to the uncharted interactive territory. 

Magic Hour Studio

Magic Hour Studio specializes in Film Production, Virtual Reality & 3D Animation Production, we produce and develop hyper-realistic 3D animation that promote the launch of flagship products and services.

Flystudio Malaysia

Flystudio establish in 2001, one of the leading Animation & VFX production studios in Malaysia, covering pre-production, animation production and VFX solutions. The company has produced critically acclaimed international film projects including, GANTZ-O, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Tekken, Ne Zha, and many more.

Vmagery Studio

Established in September of 2017, Vmagery Studio represents visual and imagery, producing any form of fantasy world from the imagination of the physical world. The team consists of a group of passionate artists who aims for the finest cinematic experience in animation and visual effects.

Super Red Music

A recording and audio post production studio set up, Super Red Music is uniquely positioned to meet all clients’ end-to-end production needs. This entails specialties in music, voice and sound effects. The studio has been opened since early 2012.